About Tabitha

Name: Tabitha Courtney Beckett
Age: 20
Location: Waltham Abbey, Essex (when home) / Chester (when at university)
Occupation: Student at the University of Chester, studying BSc Animal Behaviour

I never know what to say on these pages but what I will say is WELCOME to my blog. I started this blog in November 2015 as a revamp to my old blog. I blog to share my interests and to make new friends as I just love the community that is blogging.

One day I hope to travel the world, taking pictures of the wildlife around me as I go and potentially live in New Zealand along side my boyfriend Matt. Big dreams that I'm constantly working towards.

I'm currently studying animal behaviour at university and I hope to follow the steps of a behavioural ecologist (just an excuse so I can watch and take pictures of cute animals all day every day). On the subject of animals, sea lions and penguins are deffo my favourites.

I love to read.

Find me here -
Instagram - Tabitha_Beckett
Bookstagram - alwaysdreamingofbooks
Twitter - tabithabeckettx
Facebook - tabithasblog
Snapchat - tcbeckett


I hope you choose to stick around and subscribe, I can't wait to share with you my ventures and interest with you all!

Tab x

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